Revenue mobilisation not mass disconnection — ECG


The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) says the nationwide revenue mobilisation exercise it began yesterday is not a mass disconnection exercise to recover the debt owed by customers.

Rather, it said, the exercise was a normal business activity to mobilise revenue for the company to enable it to pay its suppliers, to whom it was indebted.

“If you owe us, we will look at the data, see how much you owe and the age of the indebtedness and then we will come and see you and talk to you about repayment,” the General Manager in charge of Public Relations at the ECG, Mr William Boateng, told the Daily Graphic.

The disconnection exercise, he said, was quite different from revenue mobilisation.

“The disconnection exercise is different from revenue mobilisation. In this instance of mobilising revenue, you have the data of the customer owing you, and because the bill is overdue and he or she is not paying, you just move in and disconnect the person, and that granted by law,” he said.

Source: Daily Graphic


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