UN PEACE AMBASSADOR applauds Akufo Addo for his position on same-sex relationships


UNITED NATIONS PEACE AMBASSADOR applauds President Akufo Addo for his position on same-sex relationships in Ghana during graduation of 45 newly ordained pastors in Accra.

The General Overseer of Pottersville Church International and the president of Covenant Christian Leadership College, School of Prophetic Impartation, Amb. Bishop Sam Owusu has commended President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo for stating a clear position of Ghana on same-sex relationships.

Amb. Bishop Sam Owusu who is also the UN Eminent Peace ambassador to Ghana made said express gratitude to the president of the republic during the graduation ceremony of the 389th batch of the school. The school which was established in 2003 has trained and ordained over 7000 pastors and church leaders from Ghana, and many other countries of the world.

According to Amb. Bishop Sam Owusu, the president’s statement has assured Ghanaians that government will never consider legalising lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ+) activities in Ghana as long as he is the President is most profound.

President Akufo Addo’s statement follows reports of the opening of an LGBT community office in Accra which attracted condemnation from a number of Ghanaians, religious and civil society organizations. Although the office has since been closed down by government, the issue continues to attract a lot of anger among Ghanaians.

The Ghanaian media have been inundated with discussions as homosexuality is an affront to our religion, tradition and criminal laws. The opening of an office to promote such violates our laws and cultural sensitivities. Our society is governed by laws and same must be respected be respected.

The open disregard of our country’s law prohibiting same-sex relationship in must be condemn by all.

The UN Eminent Peace Ambassador opined that although everyone has the right to be accepted everywhere as a person, the conduct of such persons must be according to law.

Society cannot develop when citizens are allowed to disregard and flout laws that are supposed to regulate behaviour and conduct. LGBT community need to understand that issues of human rights reflect the standards necessary for people to live with dignity.

Human rights give people the freedom to choose how they live, how they express themselves, and what kind of government they want to support, among many other things.

These and many other human rights related issues can only be achieved where laws of country are obeyed. He called on the Ghana police service to enforce the laws of the land without discrimination.

Amb. Bishop Owusu also urge Ghanaians not to take the laws into their but report illegal activities of LGBT to the police for due process.He again, urge all Christian bodies to speak against the emergence of LGBT+ in Ghana for the sake of our children. He reiterated that any political party that will spear head the establishment of LGBT+ agenda in Ghana shall not be forgiven by the Ghanaian people.


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