Busunu On Fire!!! Chiefs And People Up In Arms Against Alhaji Limuna Muniru And Hon. Garlus For Insulting The People Of Busunu


SAVANNA NEWS can confirm that serious controversy is brewing in the Busunu Traditional Area, following the presentation of an Ambulance by Hon. Garlus, MP for Damongo, to the traditional area.

It will be recalled that the opponent of the incumbent MP, Lawyer Abu Jinapor, some four weeks ago presented an Ambulance to Busunu Traditional Council. On 18th September, 2020, the MP in the company of Alhaji Limuna Muniru, attempted to counter the NPP Parliamentary Candidate, by presenting a similar Ambulance to the Busunu Traditional Council.

At the said ceremony, the Chief Iman of Busunu, during prayer time, thanked the two opposing politicians and cited a Gonja proverb which says “ extra meat never destroys a good soup”. The Iman was referring to the fact that the two Ambulances present by both Lawyer Abu Jinapor and Hon. Garlus are much appreciated.

This statement infuriated Alhaji Muniru. When he took the floor, he chastised the Iman of Busunu and the people of Busunu. According to Alhaji Muniru, not every meat makes for a good. Such was his anger that, he indicated that Lawyer Abu Jinapor’s Ambulance is a hearse and not an Ambulance and therefore constitutes “ROTTEN MEAT”.

Alhaji Muniru went on and on rebuking the people of Busunu for accepting a hearse as an Ambulance.

In his words “ I’m very surprised that the people of Busunu accepted a hearse as an Ambulance from Lawyer Abu Jinapor. Iman, I want to educate you about the difference between a hearse and an Ambulance. I schooled all the way to London School of Economics to study about health and I know what I am talking about. What Lawyer Abu Jinapor presented to the people of Busunu is a hearse and not an Ambulance. Iman, so you should never have said too much meat never spoils a good soup.

This one is rotten meat and will spoil the soup. The people of Busunu have allowed themselves to be fooled. Also, you are allowing this small boy Abu Jinapor to buy you with money, motorbikes, bread, clothes, kenkey. Busunu people, get wise.”

While speaking, the body language of some of the decent leading members of the NDC at the event demonstrated that they were very uncomfortable with this gross disrespect to the people of Busunu but Alhaji Muniru went ahead with his insults.

This situation has angered the chiefs and people of Busunu. They feel insulted. One resident, when contact by SavannaNews, indicated that Alhaji Muniru is suggesting that they the people of Busunu can’t differentiate a good thing from the other. He thinks Busunu people are stupid. Another resident said, “………why should Alhaji Muniru say that our Iman and us can not differentiate between an Ambulance and a hearse. Why should he insult us for accepting a gift from Lawyer Abu Jinapor. Oh, why can he think he Alhaji Muniru can not be bought by we Busunu people can be bought.

When he was in huge debt and his creditors threatened to take him to court and embarrass him wasn’t it this same small boy Lawyer who toiled to pay that debt? Alhaji should stop insulting us. Are we children in Busunu here……”.

SavannaNews contacted a sub chief  of Busunu and he had this lengthy comment to make about Alhaji Muniru; “ ……….my brother you know Alhaji Muniru is a useless man. He was Minister for Agriculture and to date, this man has no residence in Damongo or any part of this constituency. When he visits his hometown, he still sleeps in his late father’s almost rotten house.

As Cabinet Minister, this man couldn’t even put up a single bedroom as his residence in his own hometown. My son, these are the reasons why kanbon people don’t regard us oooo. And can you believe as Minister he couldn’t even find a single employment opportunity for any young person in Damongo Constituency. The man is not responsible.

He contested for Parliamentary Candidate of the NDC and lost to Garlus. Our brother John Mahama made him campaign manager for Northern Sector and all he did was to steal funds meant for the campaign. Under his watch, John Mahama performed poorly in the north. Indeed, a lot of NDC people still blame him for the loss of John Mahama. Muniru is a failure and irrelevant in the politics of Damongo.

He talks by heart and so let’s talk about better things.” The infuriated sub chief went further to state that, “Garlus has failed his constituents. When given the opportunity, all he was able to talk about were grinding mills and boreholes. Lawyer who is not our MP yet and has no common fund is building schools, clinics and many others. So Garlus went to bring Muniru to help him but look at how Muniru embarrassed himself.”

A resident of Damongo also had this to say “Alhaji Muniru, who couldn’t build even a one bedroom house in his hometown has become a laughing stock in Damongo.” All the properties such as fuel stations, which he acquired are now being sold.

This is because he is currently bankrupt. God is punishing him for his evil deeds. He is hoping for a John Mahama victory since he claims to be in good standing to be made Chief of Staff. But we NDC people will resist any such move by John Mahama.”

SavannaNews can report that Busunu is currently on fire with the youth threatening a demonstration against Alhaji Mumiru and Garlus for insulting their chiefs, elders, Iman and people.

Source: Wontumionline.com


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