Covid-19: Govt budgeted GHS40.3m for basic uncooked food items but we spent GHS42.2 million”.


Mr  Ken Ofori-Atta, the Finnace Minister has told Parliament on Wednesday July 29 that during the lockdown period the government budgeted GHS40.3 million for basic uncooked food items but spent GHS42.2 million.

He also clarified that government used GHS12 million to feed the vulnerable in the Greater Accra and Ashanti regions during the three-week COVID-19 lockdown period.

He said that: “It is truly unfortunate that an attempt has been made to politicise the issue of providing food for our brothers and sisters in need during the lockdown”, adding: “It is also unfortunate that the impression has been created that the total amount of GHS54 million was used for hot meals over the three-week lockdown period.”

Mr Ofori-Atta explained: “We estimated we would need an amount of approximately GHS40 million to provide hot meals to the vulnerable at GHS5 per pack during the lockdown period. However, we spent GHS12 million on hot meals including the cost of distribution.”

He noted that the “government budgeted GHS40.3 million for basic uncooked food items. We spent GHS42.2 million”.

“It is this GHS12 million spent on hot meals and the 42 million spent on uncooked food items that gave a total of GHS54 million as stated in the mid-year review”.

“The GHS12.1 million for hot meals served 150,000 people during the lockdown [period], including the cost of transportation and other operational cost.”



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