Hyundai Motor Company unveils new Hyundai Palisade 2020


The Hyundai Palisade 2020 has replaced the Grand Santa Fe, which also replaced the Hyundai Veracruz which was introduced in 2006. Palisade is the biggest Hyundai SUV and a newcomer in the Hyundai SUV line up.

It comes with various eye-catching elements to the interior and exterior designs. The palisade has a high-tech convenience, safety features that offer an enjoyable, luxurious and a relaxed lifestyle for the driver. It is also a big performer among middle class Ghanaians.

Some highlighted features of the Palisade includes the center console which boasts of a “floating” design that frees up space underneath for an extra storage nook.

It also has a stereo system which includes a quiet mode function that mutes the rear speakers on demand and a blue Link telematics system which enables remote communication with the car, calls for help in the event of an accident, and navigation help is accompanied by a smartphone app and is available on most of the brand’s models

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, Head of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Ganesh Y. Phadale, urged the general public to purchase the cars as they are designed with economic factors in mind and are fuel efficient.

“The Palisade is an amazing innovation of Hyundai Motors Company Limited. As you know, Ghana has a large market so we are replacing Grand Santa Fe with the Palisade. It is a 3.8 engine and has a very high-quality offering, is fuel-efficient, economical, and built with a lot of enhanced safety features. It will also really give tough competition to our competitors because it meets the expectations of today’s knowledgeable, demanding and discerning customers. The price of the car is USD $70,000,” he said.


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