Let’s stop littering to avoid floods – JHS 1 Pupil


The rains are here again and as usual just as it happens every year, some parts of the capital city Accra are likely to experience floods.

When flood is mentioned, the one that comes to mind immediately is the June 3 twin flood and fire disasters that occurred at Circle in Accra some five years ago, killing people and destroying several properties worth millions of Ghana cedis.

Floods have become annual ritual in Ghana owing to, among other things, poor drainage system.

Refuse has also choked the gutters, a situation that blocks the water from flowing through the drainage systems easily, thereby overflowing their banks to cause flood.

There are a number of things that can be done to minimize the incidence of floods in Ghana.

The central authority certainly has a role to play by constructing good drainage system, avoid issuing permit to people to build in waterways and also pulling down structures in waterways.

For us the citizens, we also have a role to play.

We have to avoid dropping refuse around especially in the gutters.

This will stop the gutters from being choked.

Source: Honnes Nana Kwame Korsah JHS 1 Pupil of Family Life International School




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