Let’s renew the communal labour spirit – JHS 1 Pupil


Given that good sanitation practice is a shared responsibility, there is the need for all and sundry to come on board in order to make the capital city clean.

Ghana is blessed to have a president in the person of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo who has the vision of making Accra the cleanest city in Africa.

There are a lot of benefits Ghanaians can derive from living in a clean environment.

Apart from the health benefits, the money that the government would have ordinarily used in keeping the environment clean could be put to use in other pressing areas if we all keep the city clean.

Although I do not have official data and figure on how much is spent on keeping the city clean, I strongly believe that the government spends huge sum of money in keeping our surroundings clean.

If we all play our roles well, at least half of this money could be used for other beneficial things to the state.

First of all, what is even sanitation?

Per my own understanding, sanitation is a system of protecting people from dirt and disease. For example, we get malaria from anopheles (female mosquitos) that breed from stagnant water examples are gutters, cans filled with water etc.

At this point what I can say is that we need to renew the communal labour spirit among Ghanaians.

When communal labour was brought up I thought it was a good idea but I personally don’t even remember the last time I heard about communal labour in my community or even around my area these days.

‘Hmm’ this is very bad.

I suggest that if we Ghanaians try our best and have a little communal labour around our communities we would have a neat and beautiful surroundings.

After we have done this cleanup I think we should be also be watchdogs against ourselves so that we don’t litter the community. Anyone found culpable should be reported immediately to the nearest police station.

Source: Honnes Nana Kwame Korsah, JHS 1 Pupil, Family Life International School


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