Court throws out Raymond Archer, others’ suit against Trade Fair


The Court of Appeal has dismissed a contempt case brought against the Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited by its former tenants over the demolition of their structures, a ruling that gives the Trade Fair Company the go-ahead to develop its land.

The court also awarded a cost of GHS5,000 against all the applicants, including Raymond Archer.

The court ruled that the tenants had not proved “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited had committed contempt as alleged.

The management of the Trade Fair pulled down some structures to enable a development project be undertaken.

The ruling means the Trade Fair Company can go-ahead to develop its land.

Owners of the demolished buildings accused the authorities of carrying out the exercise on February 17, 2020 without giving them ample notice.

The management of Trade Fair drew the attention of the Court of Appeal to a  High Court ruling on February 12, 2020, which threw out an injunction order paving the way for the redevelopment.




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