You can’t eject tenants even if they owe – Rent Control to landlords

Left Facing For Rent Real Estate Sign In Front of House.

Landlords have no right under the laws of Ghana to remove tenants even if they owe, the Public Relations Officer for the Rent Control Department of Ghana, Emmanuel Hovey Kporsu, has said.

He explained that the bodies responsible for that are the Rent Control Department and the courts.

“The landlord has no right to order any tenant out of their house, even if the rent expires,” he said on Joy Prime.

Adding that : “Even if the tenant willingly gives you notice that they’ll vacate soon, you don’t have the right to sack them.

“It’s either the rent control officer or the magistrate who has the right to do so.

“On the basis that an offense has been committed, [you can report] and then we’ll investigate and if truly an offense has been committed, we can order the tenant out of the house”.



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