COVID-19: Take a second look at your game plan – Absa Boss to businesses


Businesses must take a second look at the way they operate to enable them deal with the impact of the COVID-19 on their operations, the Director of Business Banking at Absa Bank Ghana, Grace Anim-Yeboah, has said.

She stated one of the most important decisions or things businesses can do at the moment is to have a complete review of their ways of doing things in order to determine the best way forward.

“So basically pivoting what it means is taking a look at your game plan. When we started January there were snippets of COVID around, but nobody knew it would come to this proportion.

After all SARS has come and gone, so nobody knew it would come to this point where quite a number of countries have gone into various versions of lock-down, to a point where there was panic buying because you didn’t know what’s going to happen next and whether you would have enough stock to feed your household,” she said.

“Now in a time like this, it’s important that you look at your business model and it’s important that you assess whether you can continue to operate in the same model you have been operating.

:You may be delivering a critical service, but can you continue to deliver that service in that same mode,” she quizzed during the Citi Business Festival.



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