COVID-19: High cost of internet is our problem – JHS 1 pupil shares experience with E-Learning


When distance learning was first introduced in Ghana following the coronavirus pandemic and the closure of schools, I first thought that it was going to bring much problems at home because I did not think my parents had enough financial resources to meet the demand.

But as time went on and with the grace of God and the hard work of my parents, my fees and that of my two other siblings were paid, a total of GH600, to enable us have a full share in the E-learning process.

When schools were closed following the COVID-19 and we had to learn through the internet, a lot of issues came to my mind.

Honnes Nana Kwame Korsah., JHS Pupil at Family Life International School


The first issue that came into my mind was how kids from rural areas were going to learn through the internet because they may have no or low Internet Connection in their area, or even if they had internet connection how would those with low knowledge of Technology manipulate electronic gadgets?

Secondly, how would students who take a long time to learn be able to learn and not incur much data cost?

I have a friend who has to be with the teacher alone and for lon hours to learn with the teacher else he would not understand.

I am a Form 1 student who is learning  Construction in Maths which I sometimes find it difficult to answer or understand.

Thirdly, the quality of internet was an issue for me since sometimes our Internet Service Providers do not live up to expectation.  The way our data bundle is always running just after some few minutes of use for GOOGLE MEET, GOOGLE CLASSROOM AND ZOOM studies.   These are some of the problems we are facing.

Source: Honnes Nana Kwame Korsah., JHS Pupil at Family Life International School


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