Check quality of Atuabo Gas – COPEC


An independent public testing of random samples of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) from the Atuabo Plant must be undertaken immediately, the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana (COPEC), has demanded.

The call comes after the Ghana National Gas Company Limited (GNGC), debunked claims by COPEC that they supply contaminated LPG from the Atuabo Gas plant.

In a statement issued by the COPEC, Executive Secretary, Mr. Duncan Amoah said that, “based on complaints from consumers of LPG produced from Atuabo, we maintain that the Propane level in Atuabo LPG is unnecessarily higher than expected, and this has been partly blamed for some of the rampant fires the country has seen over the past years including domestic and retail outlet fires as adduced to by the LPG marketers on public record”.

“It is our value proposition that Atuabo checks these parameters going forward and also publish the P-B ratio of the gas it pumps onto the local market and where found to be higher in propane as our initial checks point to, causes a massive public education on the need to acquire storage bottles that are produced and specified as propane bottles together with the necessary cables to avert the rampant leakages due to the high pressures associated with the gas from Atuabo.”

“Further, beyond the calling on Atuabo Gas Company to declare the ratio of Propane to Butane in the LPG produced, we also demand an independent public testing to be conducted on random samples picked from some retail outlets at some accredited laboratories in order to put to rest the quality/standard issues and the observed high pressures from gas supplied by Atuaboa” the statement noted.

Among other demands, COPEC is also asking for, “an immediate review of the cost of LPG supplied by Atuabo to ensure Ghanaian LPG consumers do not continue to pay higher for locally produced gas whiles the imported one rather sells cheaper.”



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