Ghana’s economy growing from strength to strength due to media’s role


President of the Private Newspaper Publishers Association of Ghana (PRINPAG), Mr Andrew Edwin Arthur, has commanded the Ghanaian media for the role they play in building the economy with their reportage.

He commended the media on the day of the World Press Freedom Day on Sunday May 3.

He said : “Today is the celebration and the commemoration of the World Press Freedom Day.  On this special occasion, the executives of PRINPAG celebrate all gallant members of the media, particularly members of PRINPAG.  Our hard work has seen all sectors of the economy growing from strength to strength.

“We have partnered both government and the private sector in ensuring that, the national agenda succeeds.  We have lived up to our constitutional mandate in spite of a few challenges.  On behalf of the executives, I salute all members of the media, particularly you members of PRINPAG, and encourage you to continue your good works.

“Let us continue to lend support to the fight against the further spread of Covid-19.  Let us observe all the protocols and if it is not necessary to go out, please stay at home but if you have been assigned or have to go out, please wear your face mask.

“The media fraternity and indeed PRINPAG, need all journalists and media practitioners alive, to help propel the country to greater heights for the benefit of all of us.  Going forward, I intend to lead a discussion as the President of PRINPAG at both the level of the Association and at the national level, for a paradigm shift in the administration of our media Associations in the country.

“My position is that, the leadership of all media groupings, should consider instituting an aggressive welfare and pension schemes for our members, to guarantee and safeguard the future of our members. I have taken this position in view of my discussions with some of our seniors who have retired from active media work.

“I am of the view that, if these schemes are put in place, they will go a long way to help all categories of our workforce and to guarantee our future. We will initiate discussions on this in the coming days and weeks, so that you give us your inputs and ideas as to how to make this work on a sustainable basis.  Once again, congratulations on this occasion of the celebration of the World Press Freedom Day.

“Let us stay safe and may the Lord continue to protect us all as we strive to live up to our constitutional mandate.  I wish all of us a happy celebration.”



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