How to watch DStv during stormy weather


Stormy weather is only good for one thing: staying inside to binge-watch series. But the rain can play havoc with your DStv satellite signal which can sometimes stop the fun. With rain and thunderstorms expected throughout Ghana in the coming days and months things are about to get a little crazy with some intense weather conditions! This can lead to rain fade.

What is rain fade, you may ask?

This is caused by rain affecting your DStv satellite signal. This can mean major viewing interruptions which we know is frustrating when you can’t go outside! Luckily, for you, you’ve got a few options for when the water comes pouring down. Here’s what you can do to ensure that you don’t miss your series binge-sessions.

Between DStv Now which allows you to still live stream TV channels on your handheld devices over the internet or watch shows/series recorded on your DStv Explora on DStv Catch Up. With an Explora decoder you can rent the latest or classic blockbusters for a small fee from DStv BoxOffice so boredom during the rain is not an option!

It’s raining! Now what?

Oh no, your favourite channel has interrupted viewing because of the storm! No worries, now’s the time to check on those series recordings to see what’s sitting in your playlist or hit the CATCH UP button on your remote for series, movies, kiddies shows and sports highlights to enjoy. A DStv Explora decoder connected to the internet gives you access to even more content with DStv Catch Up Plus!

*Please note, due to the rain interrupting the satellite signal, you may experience delays in Catch Up titles reaching your decoder.

You will be able to still enjoy the titles currently on your decoder, but newer titles, episodes and movies may take a bit longer as the signal attempts to reach your decoder during the bad weather.

Error codes

Due to the rain, you may find yourself with an error code you don’t understand.

Possible error codes that may appear are:

E48-32: you’ll normally receive this error code during or after rain and general bad weather.

E16-4: this error code can pop up during bad weather. It means your DStv decoder has an authentication error. A simple reboot can solve the problem.

For more details on error codes and how to fix them, visit


Feeling for a movie? Why not see what the latest blockbuster releases are to rent by pressing the BOXOFFICE button on your DStv Explora remote or head to, enter your rental code as seen on your TV screen. Now all you need is the popcorn before the movie starts.

DStv Now

Sure, the rain may have affected your signal on your television screen but did you know you can live stream your favourite channels on DStv Now? Or watch a number of episodes of your favourite shows on DStv Catch Up?

Yes, do all this from the comfort of your bed via DStv Now online at or by downloading the DStv Now app for your mobile device from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

From movies to actuality, series and kiddies shows as well as sports highlights, there’s a lot to enjoy! Get weather ready by downloading up to 25 content items (shows, movies etc.) before the next storm hits on the DStv Now app across four devices.

Now that we’ve given you the low-down on how to beat boredom when the rain comes, it’s time to get the snacks ready. If looks as if the weather outside is forecast to be rainy, but we predict the perfect opportunity for some serious series binges!

Source: DSTV


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