Free Zones CEO assures he won’t disappoint New Juabeng South constituents


Mr Michael Okyere Baafi, the CEO of the Ghana Free Zones Authority (GFZA) and an aspiring parliamentary candidate for the New Juabeng South Constituency for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has noted that he will ensure that all the party executives in the constituency are brought on board to take part in the development of the constituency if he eventually becomes the law maker for the area.

He assured that the entire constituency especially the party’s executives won’t be left out in his plans.

He noted on the that at the moment, the constituency, especially the Eastern regional capital Koforidua  has a lot of challenges which have remained unresolved hence when voted for to become the PC and eventually an MP, he will lobby for developments to the area.

He further noted that although the government is trying hard to provide jobs for all unemployed youth, there still remains some who are jobless.

He said he will ensure that these people are employed.

“I will change the face of Koforidua politics,” he said.

He added : “there are some challenges in the constituency. Koforidua for example has some bad roads that I will ensure they are fixed when voted for.

“The youth who are unemployed as well as our party executives in the constituency will not be abounded.”

Touching the work of the GFZA, he said in order for companies to qualify to be part of the free zones enclave, these companies must export not less than 70% of their products or services.

He said this is a statutory requirements the companies must meet to stand a chance of qualifying to share in the enclave.

Mr Baafi who is also an aspiring parliamentary candidate for the Juaben South constituency for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) explained also that the free zones was established by government purposely to earn foreign exchange to strengthen the local currency.

To that end, he said their focus is mainly on export.

He told Accra based CTV in an interview on Thursday April23 that : “By law every free zones company is supposed to export not less than 70 per cent of what you produce whether goods or service. This is what a company must do before it can be in the free zones.

“The government brought about free zones to ensure more export for foreign exchange to cushion our currency.

“So the free zones programme is not meant for every company unless the company is ready to export 70 per cent of its products.”




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