Drivers appeal to car owners to reduce daily sales 


Members of the National Concern Drivers Association of Ghana, have appealed to car owners to review downwards the sales they are expected to make daily following the reduction in the number of passengers they are expected to pick in order to fight the COVID-19.

Drivers, as part of the efforts to deal with the COVID-19 are expected to ensure social distancing in their vehicles by reducing the number of passengers.

This situation, they said, had led to a sharp decline in the amount of revenue they generate daily.

A statement signed by National Chairman of the Drivers Association, Paa Willie said: “We calling on the mute leadership of our mother association, the GPRTU to also discuss with our car owners to reduce the sales for us some can maintain the reduced number of passengers as the President Directives states.

“We asking all drivers to frequently wash their hands with soap under running, every driver must get an original hand sanitizers to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The drivers also asked the government to reduce fuel prices following the fall of prices of crude oil on the international market.

They said they will be forced to increase transport fares if the fuel prices are not reduced immediately.

Currently, oil is trading at -$15 on the international market which is about the lowest in several decades.

Following this, several Ghanaians expect the prices to drop at the local pumps.

The statement added: “We the National Concern Drivers Association would like to commend the President Nana Akufo-Addo and his government for their tremendous effort in fighting the Corona virus.  As an Association We pledge our support to the President directives of reducing the number of passengers in our Trotro and taxi.

“This will aimed at ensuring the precautionary directives to ensure social distancing our public transports. We the National Concern Drivers Association of Ghana are calling on the government to as a matter of urgency reduce pump prices of fuel.

“We have notice the declining prices of crude oil on the international market which should have led to a significant drop in the pump prices of fuel by now. We calling on the President to ensure an immediate and drastic reduction fuel prices at the pump.

“We have notice that, the government do not drivers at heart and unconcern when it comes to matters of improving the lives of drivers.  We giving government up the end of this week, thus from now to 27th of April to reduce fuel prices or we will increase our fares.




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