GRIDCo mitigating impact of COVID-19 on its operations – CEO


Mr Jonathan Amoako-Baah, Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo), has indicated that the COOVID-19 outbreak has taken a toll on the operations of the company.

But, he said, the management is working at mitigating the effect of the pandemic on its operations.

He has also called for a joint effort in tackling the deadly virus.

Contributing to a Utilities Crisis Management Webinar organised by the Utility CEO Forum and Smart Energy International, Mr Amoako-Baah said: “What is before us is a pandemic of ancient Egyptian proportions. Whilst the entire globe is threatened throughout every facet of its life, there’s an opportunity for us to come together to fight this. It is only the collective effort that will put this behind us; otherwise we stand a chance of facing even greater challenges ahead.”

He added : “The situation has impacted majority in the power sector including GRIDCo; especially in the area of key projects that are crucial to maintaining an efficient grid system. However, we are looking to leverage opportunities and mitigate the challenges posed by the pandemic in order to strengthen our business model for a much better outlook.”

He also asked all Ghanaians to adhere to the laid down measures outlined by the government to deal with the pandemic.

“I want to also urge everyone to continue following the laid-down precautions and measures in place in order for us to fight this head on and win,” he added.



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