Shell goes into production of sanitizers to fight COVID-19


Oil giant, Shell, has started producing hand sanitizers to help deal with the spread of the COVID-19 around the world.

Shell said at its various manufacturing plants at Pernis in the Netherlands and Sarnia in Canada, for example, the company is diverting resources to make isopropyl alcohol as fast as we can. This chemical ingredient makes up about half the content of hand-sanitising liquids.

“In the Netherlands, we are making 2.5 million litres available free of charge for the healthcare sector,” a statement said.

In Germany, Shell also sets up a new supply chain within two weeks to help secure hand sanitiser for hospitals.

The supply chain meets with medical standards and is part of an initiative from the German health ministry, overseen by the association for hospital pharmacists.

“ In the first wave of deliveries, Shell donated 700 tonnes of bioethanol and separated it into manageable container sizes. This was then processed with components from other companies into 820,000 litres of hand santiser.

“Shell has also been helping to develop face protectors for medical staff. In the Netherlands, Shell is working with a consortium that includes other companies, hospitals and Delft University of Technology.

“The adjusted snorkel masks cover the face fully and are connected to a medical filter by a part that is being produced using the 3D printers at the Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam. The team has been involved in the design and testing of the part and they are ready to scale up production.

“We will continue to focus on keeping people around the world safe and healthy in every way we can. And we will provide regular updates on our response as the situation develops.”



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