COVID-19: Ghanaian company, mSimps, gets deals from outside to supply face masks


The Chief Executive Officer of mSimps, Mable Simpson, has revealed that her company has received orders from outside Ghana to produce and supply face masks as part of moves to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak.

She however, said the closure of most air and sea ports around the world is making delivering the goods difficult for the company.

mSimps is a Ghanaian-owned accessory manufacturing company and creative enterprise in Accra, Ghana.

The company was started in 2010 and produces dress brooches and belts but now manufactures handmade leather and wax print handbags, laptop bags, backpacks, leather slippers, loafers, travel luggage and throw pillows with the primary goal of producing quality and innovative Made-In-Ghana products for the global market whilst paying great attention to detail.

Speaking on the Business Focus programme hosted by Alfred Ocansey on TV3Monday April 13, Ms Simpson said her company, through, innovation moved into the production of face masks after the outbreak of the COVID-19 as part of efforts to curtail the spread.

“We need to be innovative, we need to improvise,” adding that” We have started producing face masks, we have orders coming from outside Ghana but most airports and have been shut down and that is a problem.”

She also advised that the production of face masks should continue even after the COVID-19 for companies that heavily rely on them to function.

“It is important that we still produce face masks for industries and people who need them even after COVID-19,” she said.



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